Tuesday, February 17, 2009

David J. Maloney Worst Commercials Ever

Sorry I don't know that much about the guy, but I've seen him in enough commercials that I'm pretty sure I would never want him to be my lawyer. Its almost like he gets his kicks off of seeing himself in commercials bloviating about the legal profession in an endless loop. I especially like how he ends the commercials in a self-righteous manner by declaring that he'll never represent someone charged with a DUI.

I came across a pretty funny amature mockumentary mocking personal injury attorney David J. Maloney - he represents accident victims. Its kind of shoddily put together, but atleast now I know that I'm not the only one who has found his commercials both annoying and comical.


  1. i loathe that guy. every time you think his commercials can't get any worse, they do.

  2. I'm convinced he actually believes that by cutting off the top of his horrible little head in all of his commercials, no one will know that he's bald.

    He's so full of himself. No one cares if you're bald. No one even cares that you're an attorney.

  3. A rumor was circulating in the Mobile area a few weeks ago that he'd been arrested for DUI. It was apparently just a rumor, but it was funny as hell.

    1. He was arrested last night in Pensacola for DUI.

    2. He was arrested last night in Pensacola for DUI.

  4. Do any of you think this idiot listens or is tuned into the fact that his commercials are slimy as is he?
    While studying PR/Advertising at University of Florida in the '60's, we were taught that it did not matter if an advertisement was horrible (detergent - Tide ads) or if it was great (VW ads) - as long as there was a visceral response.
    If that is true, this idiot wins the Puke Award for Life.
    What a vain, narcissistic, egomaniacal, low-life stupid turd!
    I change the channel when his ad comes on.

  5. Say what you will about David Maloney, but nobody will ever change my mind about what a great guy he is, and the favor he did on his own time for me.
    My son likes his ads, and thinks the one with the ambulance chasing him is very funny.
    My son was talking about him a few weeks ago, and wondered if Mr. Maloney would sign his high school yearbook.
    I said probably, if you went to his office in Mobile, and he had time to do it.
    I called Mr. Maloneys office, and awhile later, Mr. Maloney called me back.
    I told him about my son wanting him to sign the yearbok.
    After talking Mr. Maloney for several minutes, I told him where I lived and if he could make it to the graduation party, he was welcome.
    He asked about my son, such as, did he like cars, and what kind of car was his favorite.
    I said my son, like most teenage guys, liked cars, and his favorite was Lamborghini.
    Mr. Maloney showed up at my house, in a Lamborghini, signed my sons yearbook, and we got to take pictures with him.
    He drove my son to the Pensacola Civic Center in the Lamborghini.
    He made my sons day, best graduation ever.
    Mr. Maloney will always be welcome in my house, he is a great guy, and I will always be thankful to him for doing me that favor, on his own time, and out of the goodness of his heart.
    I can't say enough good things about Mr. Maloney.
    The one thing I can say is "Thankyou for your kindness Mr. Maloney, it was greatly appreciated."

  6. Actually he did get arrested for DUI in escambia county FL yesterday

  7. Actually he did get arrested for DUI in escambia county FL yesterday

  8. http://www.navarrenewspaper.com/david-j-maloney-arrested-dui/

  9. My wife just commented "This is the best mothers day present ever"! And then handed me her phone and I read that David J. Bologna.....I'm sorry....Maloney.....was arrest this morning in Pensacola.....I guess it begs the question...."who's going to be his lawyer"? Because we know it's not going to be him, because he doesn't represent drunk drivers, if anything he will come after himself....smh...too bad we all can't be as great as him, and so law abiding....because as a statement he made on his Twitter account "He's a lawyer, he can't gamble, he took an oath to uphold the law".....maybe someone should tell him it's against the law to drive drunk. Can't wait to see his next commercial.....should go like this...Apologies, humbled, we all are human, I was wrong...I will represent anyone that wants me cheap...I learned my lesson......world. it's funny how the world can remind you how small we all are.

  10. The guy is a huge douche bag and ac hypocrite he acts so touch saying don't call him if u get a dui bc he's gonna come after u and then this morning he himself was arrested on charges of dui in pensacola

  11. I don't dislike Maloney's commercials as I do the so-called "Alabama Hammer's", real name Mike Slocum. He personifies sleazy, slimy, lawyer.